About LKMM

Lagos Kids Mini Marathon is an initiative of The St Saviours School Ikoyi Endowment Fund, it is an inter-school competition. The Mini Marathon is the first kids focused marathon event in Lagos and the goal is to inspire kids to become more…

Event Countdown

Category: 1.2KM

The category is ideal for beginners, we advise that you should run in this category if you are between 5-8years old or older.

Category: 3KM

The category is for “Intermediate” runners, we advise that you should run in this category if you are between 9-12years old or older.

Category: 5KM

The category is matured and regular runners, we advise that you should run in this category if you are above 13years old…

Meet Our Champions

Everyone is a winner at the Lagos Kids Mini Marathon. We are glad to introduce you to the medalists from our last year’s event.

Event Highlight

The Mini-Marathon held in partnership with MTN was well attended with more than 1000 children representing over 22 schools in Lagos participating in 1.2km, 3km and 5km distance races respectively. The event was supported by the Lagos State Sport Commission, Access Bank, Axa Mansard and Multichoice Nigeria.

Why Kids Mini Marathon

Healthy kids

Healthy kids are happy kids and happy kids grow to be happy adults and studies have proved exercise releases the hormone required for a balanced mind.

Healthy Family

A healthy family has happy patents and happy kids who exercise as often as possible, eat right and sleep well.

Healthy Society

When we have healthy kids and parents, we will definitely have a healthy society because they are those who make up the society.

Family Bonding

Events like the Lagos Kids Marathon help families and friends bond, creating memories that will last forever. Gently reminding us of whom we are as humans and that we are all here for each other.


Charity is love and love is life, the LKMM event is a charity event and a labor of love, together we can achieve tremendous success.

Communal Living

As the goal for everyone is one and same, we can gladly share resources and ideas, that way everyone puts their best foot forward in ensuring that it is a great and successful programme.

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